industrial design



Pauline Dziama is a graduate of highest distinction from the Rochester Institute of Technology Industrial Design program. She grew up in the rust-belt city of Buffalo New York surrounded by historic feats of modern architecture.

Applying Bauhaus thought to sustainable and innovative design solutions, she has designed medical product for BZDesign in Rochester New York, functional apparel with Rossana Bruni in Santa Cruz California and sustainable renovation solutions for Vorort of Dessau, Germany.

"The Buffalo Architecture I grew up exploring and identifying with shaped my perspective on how design greatly impacts the environment and its inhabitants. Decades following their construction and apex of activity, the austere functionalism of the Buffalo Grain Elevators continues to inspire my industrial design work as much today as they did heavily influence the course of modern architecture in the past.

The same long-lasting impact is characteristic of the Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century founded by the architect Walter Gropius. Its world-wide influence continues to evolve and further impact today’s design world and my own design work. The ability of the Buffalo Grain Elevators longevity to influence both Walter Gropius and myself decades later reminds me that good design is truly long lasting."